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Feedwater pump issue forces shutdown of Indian Point Unit 2

indian point buchanan feed water shutdown
Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan. Photo by Bob Rozycki

Indian Point Unit 2, one of two nuclear reactors at the Buchanan plant, was shut down Monday afternoon after operators discovered an issue with a water pump.

Entergy Corp., the plant’s operators said there was no release of radioactivity nor threat to workers.

Workers at Indian Point diagnosed an issue with the speed control system on one of the reactor’s two main feedwater pumps. Entergy said the pumps are used to distribute water to the plant’s four steam generators, where the water is reheated to make the steam necessary for electricity production.

The plant’s other reactor, Unit 3, is still operating. The Unit 3 reactor came back online June 22 following a maintenance shut down that replaced seals between the reactor vessel and vessel lid.

According to the terms of a deal reached with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in January, Entergy is expected to close the 2,000 megawatt plant by 2021.

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