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Sen. Chris Murphy to Dems: Less Putin, more economic talk

Connecticut Democrat insisted his constituents are "never talking about issues like Russia."


U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy has a message for his fellow Democrats:

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy

Spend a lot less time focused on allegations over a possible Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin connection and a lot more time focused on the U.S. economy.

In an interview this morning on the MSNBC “Morning Joe” program, the Connecticut senator observed that his constituents are not giving much attention to the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election or possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Putin government.
“I have to say, they are never talking about issues like Russia,” he said. “They are not talking, frankly, about what’s on cable news at night.”

Instead, Murphy insisted that his party needs to place a greater emphasis on its economic priorities and goals.

“I think this is the most important question for Democrats, and I think we need to challenge ourselves,” he continued. “I think we’ve been hyper-confused over the course of the past five years. Some of the time, we’re talking about economic growth. Some of the time, we’re talking about economic fairness. Everything Democrats talk about when it comes to the economy has to be more higher wages, more college education to get better job, lower taxes for folks we’re targeting. I just think we have to be hyper-focused on wage growth and job growth and don’t get scared off by that message just because it’s been what Republicans have been talking about.”

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