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Stamford’s Harvest Hill completes Sunny Delight merger

Brynwood Partners VII LP has completed the merger of Sunny Delight Beverages Co. into Harvest Hill Beverage Co. As a result, Harvest Hill now lays claim to being one of the nation’s leading independent beverage companies with more than $800 million in gross sales, seven manufacturing facilities with a national footprint and a portfolio of brands, including Juicy Juice, SunnyD, Veryfine and Nutrament.

In conjunction with the merger, first announced in November, Harvest Hill has named a new executive team. In addition to John LeBoutillier, who became president and CEO effective April 4, Doug Behre has been named chief financial officer; Tim Voelkerding has been named chief operating officer; and Doug Gillespie has been tapped as chief commercial officer.

Harvest Hill is headquartered in Stamford and will maintain an office in Cincinnati, where Sunny Delight Beverages was headquartered since being spun off from Procter & Gamble in 2004. Harvest Hill is owned by Greenwich-based Brynwood Partners, an operationally focused private equity firm.


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