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Fairfield County faulted in air quality report

The county received the poorest scores for high ozone days.


There is something in the air across Fairfield County, and the American Lung Association is not happy about it.

According to the American Lung Association’s 2017 State of the Air Report, Fairfield County has the most problematic air quality within Connecticut. In measuring high ozone days during the past year, Fairfield and seven of the eight Connecticut counties received an overall grade of F. Windham County was the high scorer with a D grade. But Fairfield was cited with 51 “orange days” that are considered unhealthy for people with breathing sensitivities and 14 “red days” that are considered unhealthy for the general population. This was far ahead of second ranked New Haven County, which totaled 28 orange days and six red days.

Fairfield County scored somewhat better with particle pollution. The American Lung Association gave the county a B and identified only two orange days and no red days during 2016. New Haven County scored lower, with a C grade and three orange days but no red days.

Overall, the association was pessimistic about the county’s air quality. “If you live in Fairfield County, the air you breathe may put your health at risk,” the organization proclaimed on its website.

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