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Greenwich mansion with cursed history up for sale again

The one-time home of Harry and Leona Helmsley is listed at $39 million, down from last year's asking price of $49 million.


A Greenwich property with a history of wealthy inhabitants who saw monumental bad luck upon taking ownership is back on the market at a reduced listing.

Round Hill Manor, formerly known as Dunnellen Hall, is now available for $39 million; last spring, it was listed at $49 million, and in 2014 it was listed for $65 million. Located on more than 40 acres with a vast view of the Long Island Sound, the property has nine bedrooms, eight full bathrooms and a new propane HVAC system has individual thermostats in every room.

The property at 521 Round Hill Road in Greenwich also boasts a rather creepy history. According to the Damned Connecticut website, it was built in 1918 by financier Daniel G. Reid as a gift for his daughter – she lived there without incident until 1950, but Reid’s health failed dramatically a year after the estate’s construction and he was twice committed to psychiatric care before his death in 1925. Subsequent occupants also experienced their share of unfortunate turns of fortune: steel industry tycoon Loring Washburn went broke several years after buying the estate from Reid’s daughter, financier Jack Dick died in 1974 after being indicted for questionable financial activities, oil man Ravi Tikkoo saw his fortune dry up, and Harry and Leona Helmsley – who bought the property as summer home in 1983 for $11 million – encountered legendary legal difficulties. The Helmsley estate sold the property in 2010 for $35 million, after initially listing it two years earlier for $125 million.

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