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Westchester is ready for its close-up

From left, Deputy County Executive Kevin J. Plunkett, Andrea Bloome of Alchemy Post Sound; Lauri Pitkus, television series location manager; Rob Striem, location manager for major motion pictures; Ernie Karpeles, location manager for commercials; and Natasha Caputo, director of the tourism and film office.

It may have been fiction when Gloria Swanson playing silent screen star Norma Desmond delivered the classic line “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille” in the movie “Sunset Boulevard,” but real-life close-ups are being made in front of the movie and television cameras, which are rolling with greater frequency in Westchester. The county has become somewhat of a hotspot for film and television producers seeking to capitalize on the scenery and structures.

On March 21, the Westchester County Tourism and Film Office, which is based in County Executive Robert P. Astorino’s office, held a forum for businesses on making their properties attractive for use as movie and television locations. Location scouts who help producers and directors pick the best places to film appeared along with government officials.

The event took place at Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook and was attended by about 45 representatives from hotels and tourism properties. The location scouts told what they look for when selecting spots to film.

Production so far in 2017 has included the motion picture “Bel Canto” starring Julianne Moore and the television shows “Land of Steady Habits” and “Private Life,” which have been filming in White Plains, Tarrytown and Nyack. Other recent shoots in Westchester have included the shows “Madam Secretary,” “The Americans,” and “The Divorce,” and the movie “The Girl on The Train.”

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