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New York and Connecticut score low in best places to practice medicine study


Medical professionals may not find the careers of their dreams in New York and Connecticut, according to the new “Best Place to Practice Medicine” study released by the financial website WalletHub.

On a national level, New York placed 51st and Connecticut came in 45th among the states plus the District of Columbia in WalletHub’s overall ranking of locations for a successful medical practice. New York was also the lowest ranked for the highest malpractice award payout amount per capita and the most expensive annual malpractice liability insurance. It had the second lowest ranking for the highest projected competition among medical professionals by 2024 – Connecticut tied for the lowest ranking in that category with Rhode Island and the District of Columbia.

Connecticut ranked 47th and New York ranked 49th for the lowest annual living wage for physicians. But one area where Connecticut ranked highest was its fifth place showing among the states with the least punitive state medical boards.

The top 10 best states to practice medicine according to the study are Iowa, Minnesota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Kansas, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.


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