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Connecticut tax preparers warned against phishing scams


Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan has issued a warning to tax preparers about phishing email scams seeking deposit updates for refunds.

In a statement issued by his office, Sullivan stated there is a phishing scam aimed at tax preparers requesting last-minute changes to their refund destination, which often involves a prepaid debit card rather than a verified bank account. Sullivan added that scammers are also targeting tax preparers with emails, text messaging and telephone calls where they pretend to be from tax software vendors, financial institutions and the Internal Revenue Service. In these scams, tax preparers are pressed to provide confidential client data, including Social Security numbers and passwords.

“Tax-related scams increase as we get closer to the April 18 deadline,” said Sullivan. “Cybercriminals are ever evolving and make use of sophisticated scams to try and trick tax professionals to get at refunds and other personal information.”

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