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Grover Norquist group opposes Connecticut carbon tax bill

Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative political advocacy group founded by Grover Norquist, is lobbying members of the Connecticut General Assembly to oppose House Bill 7247, an “Act Establishing a Carbon Price for Fossil Fuels Sold in Connecticut,” by arguing that it would have a deleterious impact on the state’s economy.

ATR used a blog posting to argue that the proposed legislation would levy a $15 per ton carbon tax that would increase by $5 per ton annually after its first year. As a result, according to ATR, this would increase Connecticut’s energy costs and set off an economic chain reaction that would impact employment and competitiveness against other states.

“A study by the National Association of Manufacturers, based on a $20 per ton tax rate, explores where the brunt of this misguided legislation will be felt if the tax is implemented,” the ATR said. “If HB 7247 becomes law, Connecticutians will experience employment loss, increased prices at the pump, and elevated energy bills.”

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