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Solar savings in Greenburgh


Greenburgh residents and businesses can participate in a discount program for solar electricity installations promoted by Solarize Westchester. The nonprofit group Sustainable Westchester established Solarize Westchester to promote solar installations. 

A workshop on the program Solarize Greenburgh is scheduled for March 21 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Greenburgh Town Hall, 177 Hillside Ave. The workshop had to be postponed from March 14 because of the snowstorm. 

Solarize Greenburgh encourages increased adoption of solar electricity systems by offering lower installation costs through economies of scale. Homeowners who sign up for solar installations by June 5 will be able to take advantage of group rates that Solarize Westchester said are significantly below market prices. Once 20 solar contracts are signed in Greenburgh, Green Street Solar Power will provide a free solar electric system to the Greenburgh Nature Center

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