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Malloy: Prioritize existing rail lines over new track alignments


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has asked the Federal Railroad Administration to postpone consideration of new alignment on the tracks on the Northeast Corridor that run through Connecticut and give more priority to ensuring the existing lines remain in a “state of good repair.”

In a letter to the Federal Railroad Administration, Malloy said the state’s support of the agency’s impending Record of Decision – the agenda that will spell out investment priorities for the rail corridor – on the condition that the agency will identify “specific investments that will achieve a state of good repair and enhance performance of the NEC.” Malloy also called on the agency to eliminate any specific “alternative alignments” and insisted the project should only go forward if it has “the support of all appropriate U.S. Department of Transportation agencies, not just the FRA.”

The governor also called on the rail agency to “expedite approval of the many projects already in progress so there is no doubt that these near-term investments can proceed without delay” while seeking a leadership role for the Northeast Corridor Commission in a service development plan related to the rail corridor.

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