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NY and CT AGs take different approaches to Trump meeting


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his Connecticut counterpart George Jepsen were in Washington, D.C., this week to attend the winter meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General. But when it came to joining their fellow state

Eric Schneiderman

attorneysgeneral for a meeting with President Trump on Tuesday, the duo reacted in very different ways.

According to a Politico report, Schneiderman was one of three Democratic state attorneys general who snubbed the meeting with Trump – Illinois’ Lisa Madigan said her absence was in protest of the president’s cabinet appointments and civil rights policies, while Kentucky’s Andrew Beshear went home to help his father, former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, deliver the Democratic Party’s rebuttal to Trump’s speech before Congress. Last fall, Schneiderman went after then-candidate Trump on two separate issues: ordering Trump’s family foundation to cease raising money in New York and pursuing a $25 million settlement of a lawsuit against the now-defunct Trump University; Trump dismissed Schneiderman’s actions as politically motivated.

Jepsen, on the other hand, attended the Tuesday meeting with Trump. However, his public schedule and social media pages made no mention that he was at the White House and Jepsen issued no press statement regarding his presence at the White House. Jepsen also stayed to have an official photo taken with the president and the state attorneys general, but 13 Democrat attorneys general chose to boycott the photo session and leave early.

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