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PhysicianOne Urgent Care partners with Yale New Haven Health


PhysicianOne Urgent Care is partnering with Yale New Haven Health to add access to the latter’s primary care providers and specialists throughout Connecticut and Westchester County.

PhysicianOne maintains 12 locations in Connecticut – including in Brookfield, Newtown, Norwalk and Ridgefield – three in

Jeannie Kenkare

Massachusetts, and two in Westchester in Mohegan Lake and Somers. It expects to open additional locations throughout the year. Yale New Haven Health includes five hospitals and a network of hundreds of health care professionals through its Northeast Medical Group.

“This partnership reflects a perfect opportunity for Yale New Haven Health to work with a well-respected provider in PhysicianOne Urgent Care with a firmly established network of locations that provide high-quality care throughout the region,” said Gayle Capozzalo, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Yale New Haven Health. “This will allow broader access for our patients to critical health care services in the community.”

PhysicianOne Urgent Care was founded in 2008 by three physicians in Connecticut “with the goal of providing convenient access to high-quality, evidence-based medical care in a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on the patient,” said Jeannie Kenkare,  co-founder and chief medical officer. “We’ve provided that great care for more than eight years and we look forward to working with the expansive network of providers within Yale New Haven Health System to further expand access to that care.”

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