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107,000 join Connecticut’s Obamacare insurance exchange in new year


Nearly 107,000 Connecticut residents have enrolled in health insurance so far this month, according to state health insurance exchange Access Health CT.

Jim Wadleigh

In addition to the 106,891 individuals who have enrolled in health coverage as of Jan. 20, 1,192 individuals enrolled in dental coverage and a record 1,519 enrolled via the Small Business Program, according to Access Health CT CEO Jim Wadleigh.

The Small Business Program offers health-care plans for small businesses with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees. The program allows businesses to choose the level of benefits, such as the choice to offer health insurance to full-time and part-time employees and choice in the premium contribution amount.

“As we head toward the final days of open enrollment, which ends on Jan. 31, we want to remind Connecticut residents that Access Health CT offers many ways to get free help choosing a plan,” Wadleigh said. “We are also very happy to see people taking advantage of the dental coverage we offer.”

Formed under the Affordable Care Act, Access Health CT could be dismantled if Congressional Republicans and President Trump follow through on their plan to repeal the law.

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