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Trump Parc Stamford targeted for Jan. 15 ‘Day of Action’


The residents at Trump Parc Stamford may find outdoor noise levels to be a bit higher than usual on Jan. 15 when the Fairfield County Democrats plan to hold what is being billed as a “massive rally” in front of the building at 2 p.m.

The demonstration, which is part of a national “Day of Action” called by the Democratic Party’s congressional leadership, is defined by its organizers as being “about obstructing the GOP-Trump agenda.” The event organizers promise to have food trucks, drones and media coverage at the protest, along with an oversized caricature effigy of the president-elect featuring a “giant Trump head with tiny hands.”

This is the not the first time that Trump Parc Stamford has been the center of anti-Trump outrage. In December 2015, a board member of the Al Madany Islamic Center in Norwalk reacted to the Trump proposal to temporarily prohibit immigration by Muslims by advocating the removal of Trump’s name from building. The project’s developer, F.D. Rich, declined to get involved, stating the naming decision for the property should be made by its residents. But the Homeowners Association of Trump Parc Stamford also refused to get involved in the matter, and the terms of the property development required financial penalties in the event of renaming the property. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy demanded a waiver of the penalties, but the Trump name has yet to be removed from the complex.

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