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Trumbull selectman to treasurer: No office for you!


It may be a new year, but ages-old partisan rancor is alive and well in Trumbull.

According to a Trumbull Times report, Republican First Selectman Tim Herbst is ordering Democrat Town Treasurer Anthony Musto to surrender his Town Hall office in order for the space to used as a conference room for the Economic and Community Development Department. Herbst claimed that Musto primarily works from his home or his Fairfield law office and can easily use a vacant cubicle should he come into Town Hall on municipal business.

“Your predecessor, Mr. Ponzio, made it a practice of coming to the Trumbull Town Hall at least three to four days per week,” Herbst wrote in a memo to Musto. “As you are aware, this has not been your practice. Based upon your lack of actual in-building attendance, we cannot justify your continued occupancy of an office that you do not use with the same frequency as your predecessor, especially in light of current space constraints in the Town Hall.”

Musto responded with skepticism to Herbst’s demand, noting that Town Hall has several conference rooms and the Council Chamber that remain vacant for most of the week. “I have multiple files, supplies, reminders, etc., to which I must have access, as well as a secure place from which to do work and meet with banks and other vendors,” he wrote in response. “I also have access to the finance department staff with whom I work.”

Nonetheless, Musto acknowledged that Herbst’s political muscle is stronger than his. “By next week my stuff is probably going to be boxed up and in the basement,” he said.

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