Home Construction Bridgeport begins work on microgrid network

Bridgeport begins work on microgrid network


The Bridgeport municipal government has begun the installation of a microgrid project that is designed to provide a standalone power generation system for City Hall, police headquarters and the Eisenhower Senior System.

The microgrid, which is scheduled to become fully operational in the summer, is the first in the state to feature a traditional natural gas reciprocating engine generator working on a microgrid distribution system. Because it is not connected to traditional power grids, the microgrid can remain functional in the event of blackouts or severe weather. The microgrid is being designed to accommodate future links to additional government and private-sector facilities.

“This is one of the first steps we as a city are taking to make Bridgeport environmentally conscious,” Mayor Joe Ganim said. “It is my commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and make Bridgeport one of the leading cities in the country for green energy. Additionally, these generators will bring a reliable energy source that we can depend on when storms hit and the power is compromised.”

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  1. What’s green about a reciprocating engine? I guess it’s a step in the right direction but if the Mayor wanted to really ‘go green’ he should have installed a FuelCell plant. We have two companies right here in Ct. that produce them too. More efficient, less greenhouse gases, more reliable, less cost.


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