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Pitney Bowes partners with Bonanza to streamline shipping

Pitney Bowes Inc. has partnered with online marketplace Bonanza to offer the former’s cross-border Borderfree Marketplace solutions and shipping application programming interface for domestic shipping.

Under the agreement, Seattle-based Bonanza will employ Pitney’s Borderfree Marketplace technology to allow its U.S. sellers to reach more buyers and expand their selling opportunities to more than 100 countries. In addition, sellers will have access to the Stamford firm’s shipping interface for first-mile support, helping to streamline the process of shipping products to buyers in the U.S.

The application calculates all costs upfront for each international order including duties, taxes and shipping fees, which are guaranteed in real-time at the checkout by Pitney Bowes. For international transactions, U.S. entrepreneurs will only have to list items on Bonanza’s website; if an international buyer decides to purchase an item, the U.S. seller ships the item to a Pitney-managed distribution center in the U.S. The center then handles everything required to send the item to the buyer, including country-specific export compliance and customs documentation.


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