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Himes, calling Trump ‘unhinged,’ wants Electoral College results voided

Rep. Jim Himes has taken his flair for the melodramatic to social media by openly questioning the sanity of the president-elect and demanding that the Electoral College abort the results of the November election.

In a three-part Twitter statement on Sunday evening, The Connecticut Democrat took umbrage with President-elect Donald Trump’s questioning of a Central Intelligence Agency conclusion regarding the influence of Russia in hacking scandals during the 2016 election. “We’re 5 wks from Inauguration & the President Elect is completely unhinged. The electoral college must do what it was designed for,” he wrote in his first tweet, which he followed with, “Seriously. The falcon cannot hear the falconer. PEOTUS is attacking the CIA & defending the Russians. Attacking media and ignoring the PDB.” Himes then called out Republican leadership in a third tweet, complaining, “And men I had heretofore thought reasonable: @Reince @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr stand mute and enabling. And lack all conviction.”

Yesterday, Himes went on CNN’s “New Day” to continue his complaint against Trump.

“What finally pushed me over the edge was when the president-elect of the United States criticized the CIA and the intelligence community,” Himes told CNN. “Can you imagine what the leaders in Beijing and Moscow and Tehran are thinking as they watch the next president of the United States delegitimize and criticize his own intelligence community and stand up for the defense of Russia, one of our prime adversaries?”

Although Himes acknowledged that Trump won the electoral vote “fair and square,” he seemed to rewrite both the Constitution and The Federalist Papers by insisting the electors had a duty to void the result.

“The Electoral College, if you read The Federalist Papers and understand why it is there, it is a group of people. It is not an algorithm,” he said. “It is not a set of ballots. It is a group of people that our founding fathers, you know, to whom supposedly we all sort of defer to, pledged the idea that if someone gets elected that is manifestly ill equipped to be president … that the Electoral College can step in.”

Himes, who began his professional career as a banker at Goldman Sachs, was re-elected last month to his fourth term in the House of Representatives. In June, he created a Capitol Hill uproar by stalking out of the House during a moment-of-silence observance for the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting. He defended his actions with an angry op-ed piece in the Washington Post where he raged against the absence of federal gun control legislation, stating, “I don’t fully understand why a fairly reasonable set of measures unleashes a torrent of hate, threats and anger worthy of Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell toward elected officials who speak out for reform.” However, he used the same op-ed to admit his support of Second Amendment rights while observing, “I understand that mass killings are complicated.”

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  1. Sticking to the facts; Russia and Exxon had a $500B oil deal that Obama blocked with sanctions. Russia hacked our election in favor of Trump. The CIA informed members including Mitch McConnell and FBI director Comey who then released the infamous Clinton statement, McConnell blocked the news from the voters. Trump wins, McConnell’s wife is awarded a cabinet position, The CEO of Exxon is now the Secretary of State and the $500B deal will happen. The cost of this theft? Earth. Potentially if it began with the campaign Bernie might well be the legitimate nominee and President-elect.

    • None of these are facts. Just conjectures. There is absolutelly no proof. Everything being said about russia is off a story from the ny times.where one anonomous person who suppose to work in cia. Five agencies including the fbi have said there was no hack and most likely a inside job. Hmmm exactly what julian assage said someone from the DNC was working for wikileaks. What is truly horrific is the things that were in those e mails and the failings of hillary clinton as a candidate. She was the first lady of Arkansas for 16 years and got the nickname lieing hillary. Why do you think after 16 years here she got 31 percent of the vote in a 70 percent democratic state. What is truly alarming is what hillary is and represents and what was in those e mails. Everyone wants to blame something. Voter fraud. Disproven. Russia will be dis proven. Then what will be next. The truth is she was a flawed candidate who cheated bernie sanders to even get the nomination.


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