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UConn to defy Trump policies on illegal immigrants


The president of the University of Connecticut has announced that the school will defy any new Trump Administration policies that would call for the investigation and arrest of illegal immigrants in the student body.

UConn President Susan Herbst said the University of Connecticut Police Department will not arrest illegal immigrant students based on administrative warrants issued by federal agencies including the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security. Herbst added that the school will continue to admit illegal immigrants as students.

“UConn is doing those things which are the essential elements of the sanctuary policies that have been adopted in several large U.S. cities,” Herbst said. “Those elements include: law enforcement policies that do not question the immigration status of those who seek police assistance, law enforcement not detaining individuals based on civil immigration holds, confidentiality of records that include immigration status, and the issuance of photographic identification to facilitate access to services.”

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  1. Setting a great example for your students, UConn, defying federal law, which supersedes state law, to protect illegal alien lawbreakers. More progressive crap polluting our universities. The last election showed that the public is fed up with illegal immigration. I hope the feds take away your financial support and research grants.

    • This is what they are teaching our children in college these days…..the law should be ignored when you don’t agree with it. Especially bad when the school is funded by taxpayer dollars – SHAME!


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