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Conn. Labor Department recovers $7.1M in unpaid wages


The Connecticut Department of Labor has announced that it recovered more than $7.1 million in unpaid wages for Connecticut workers during the fiscal year that ended June 30. This sum represents an approximately $1 million increase in recovered unpaid wages from the previous fiscal year.

Among the funds in question are nearly $1.79 million for workers claiming that owed wages had not been paid, approximately $1.14 million for employees that did not receive required minimum wage or overtime, and more than $2.57 million for employees that were paid incorrect amounts while working at public contract construction sites.

scott-jackson-pic“It is our mission to ensure that all of Connecticut’s wage laws – including those pertaining to minimum wage, overtime or child labor – are understood and followed by every employer in this state,” said state Labor Department Commissioner Scott D. Jackson. “While we want our residents to be paid properly for the work they do, education and outreach is vital in our efforts toward helping employers gain a better understanding of federal and state laws.”

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