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Norwalk mayor hires second in command


Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling has named attorney Laoise King to a new role that may either be a chief of staff or an assistant to the mayor, depending on which source you consult.

laoise-kingKing, who served on Norwalk’s Board of Estimate and Taxation, was previously deputy chief of staff for New Haven Mayor John DeStefano and was vice president of education initiatives for the United Way of Greater New Haven.
Rilling formally introduced her in her new role at a breakfast meeting on Nov. 17 sponsored by the Greater Norwalk Area Chamber of Commerce, stating, “One person at the top and 18 department heads reporting to that one person, it’s difficult at times to follow up on something to make sure you have everybody on board.”

However, there appears to be some confusion regarding King’s exact title. The chamber breakfast identified her as “the mayor’s new chief of staff,” while King’s LinkedIn page uses the “Chief of Staff” title to designate her role. But in an interview with the NancyOnNorwalk blog, Rilling insisted that King was his assistant and not a chief of staff. In Norwalk’s 2016-2017 operating budget, King’s job is defined as “assistant to the mayor,” which carries a $100,000 annual salary.

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