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Frontier to expand digital TV service to Hudson Valley


Frontier Communications Corp. plans to bring its new digital TV service to the Hudson Valley, starting in Middletown.

The Middletown City Council held a public hearing in July on whether to allow the new Vantage TV service from the telecommunications company. The company currently provides internet and telephone service to the city.

The all-digital Vantage platform offers standard and high definition, along with 4k or ultra-high definition. It also offers the ability to record up to six channels, movies and shows on demand and direct access to Netflix.

Frontier previously provided internet and phone service to the Orange County city, and contracted TV services through Dish Network.

Frontier already offers the Vantage platform in Connecticut. It first tested the platform in its North Carolina market.

The move would allow Frontier to market a full package of internet, phone and television in the city.

Vantage would run through Frontier’s existing network setup, and would bring additional franchise fees to the city, Frontier representatives told the Middletown City Council.

Final rates for the service have not been determined, according to the franchise agreement Frontier filed with Middletown. Frontier described its pricing as competitive in its presentation.

The city needs to approve the franchise agreement before Frontier’s request to expand Vantage is sent to the state Public Service Commission for consideration.

Middletown Mayor Joseph DeStefano said at the meeting in July that introducing Vantage would be good for customers with limited options.

“They’re not replacing Time Warner [Cable, Inc.], they are going to be competing with Time Warner,” DeStefano said. “I think the competition will be great.”

A spokesperson from Frontier said it will also be expanding Vantage into other cities, towns and villages in the Hudson Valley, including:

  • Town of Blooming Grove
  • Village of Chester
  • Town of Deerpark
  • Town of Goshen
  • Village of Goshen
  • Village of Harriman
  • Village of Monroe
  • Town of Montgomery
  • City of Port Jervis

Frontier operates out of Norwalk, Conn. and serves 29 states. It employs about 28,600 people and had revenue of $11 billion last year, according to its presentation to city council. Its New York operation is based out of Rochester.

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