Home Economy Connecticut lost 4,200 jobs to other states in 2014

Connecticut lost 4,200 jobs to other states in 2014


According to the state Department of Labor’s (DOL) new “Job-to-Job Flows” report, Connecticut lost an estimated 4,228 jobs to other states in 2014. Benefiting most from the exodus was Florida, which netted approximately 2,648 jobs in 2014 while ceding about 1,444 jobs to the Nutmeg State.

Connecticut also lost roughly 528 jobs to California and 520 jobs to North Carolina, according to the DOL, which calculates its data on a quarterly basis.

Meanwhile, the state picked up roughly 172 jobs from New York and about 160 from New Jersey in 2014.

According to the DOL, significantly more people who had previously worked in a different industry found a job in manufacturing than left manufacturing jobs for other industries. At the other end of the spectrum, more people left retail for jobs in other industries than entered retail from other industries.

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