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Norwalk and its schools join energy forces


Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling and Superintendent of Schools Manuel Rivera have announced the formation of the Mayor’s Energy and Environment Task Force with an eye toward energy stinginess in the city’s municipal and school buildings.

The city and its schools will now collaborate on energy purchases, energy assessments and other environmental management needs.

“During the campaign season, Mayor Rilling recognized the need to handle energy use and environmental issues in a more comprehensive manner,” his office said in a prepared statement. “In speaking with constituents, he understood the need to assess what opportunities exist for reducing taxpayer expense and of our municipal and school building energy use and operations. He also saw the need to identify programs and projects that could save money for our residential and commercial/industrial property owners while improving their quality of life.”

The task force will serve as a community resource and will collaborate whenever possible with existing energy and environmental organizations.

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