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Smart decisions, codified by Decisyon

Stamford-based Decisyon Inc. recently introduced what the company terms the first business intelligence (BI) and performance management platform that “seamlessly unifies social collaboration, analytics, planning and execution across multiple departments and operational systems.”

The platform’s name is Decisyon 360, “a standout in the emerging collaborative decision-making (CDM) market that is delivering powerful results including increased operational effectiveness, innovation, cost savings and new revenue opportunities at companies that have moved to the platform.”

With the platform release, the company said in a statement: “Companies don’t need collaborative platforms that employees use to talk about their work, they need collaborative solutions that create new ways for employees to do their work.”

Decisyon 360, as the company explains, enables the rapid development of collaborative BI and planning applications that operate on live big data. Among the platform’s abilities is across-the-board device access, “from the desktop, to mobile devices, to large-screen displays.”

Attempts to integrate collaboration with BI and planning by large suite-based vendors typically fall short, the company said, owing to high costs and complexities and leading to poor integration between products acquired from other vendors, rather than designed as a platform. “Built as a unified platform since its inception, Decisyon 360-built solutions can be implemented in a fraction of the time and cost required by legacy approaches requiring multiple products and custom coding.”

Decisyon was founded in Italy in 2005. It reports more than 200 companies, many of them multibillion-dollar enterprises, use its software and are already achieving impressive results, including in deployment, planning, operations and customer satisfaction.


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