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New health facility for Stamford

Both Stamford and its way of conducting medical business grew recently with the announcement Doctors Express, a Baltimore-headquartered nationwide chain of urgent care centers, has signed a lease at 3000 Summer St. in the space formerly occupied by Jose Grant Jewelers.

The clinic is due to open this spring and will employ 15-20 people, including board-certified physicians, physician assistants, X-ray technicians, medical assistants and lab technicians.

The medical-business plan imagines, for example, a broken arm being X-rayed and set, with medications prescribed and filled, all in a single storefront visit of less than an hour.

Jack Condlin, president of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, said the walk-in facility will be a welcome amenity for residents.

“Doctors Express should benefit our community by relieving pressure on overburdened hospital emergency rooms and by cutting wait times for medical treatment,” Condlin said.

The clinic in a statement said it will “provide state-of-the-art treatment for acute illness and trauma (including minor surgical procedures) and be a viable alternative for emergency room care. Doctors Express will have an on-site laboratory and digital X-ray service as well as medication dispensing, enabling doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses, dispense medication and set broken bones.”

“We looked at communities through the state and decided to open Doctors Express here because Stamford is one of the more underserved markets for urgent care services,” said owner Brad Radulovacki. “Currently with only one other big urgent care provider-Stamford Hospital and Stamford Hospital’s Tully Health Center, many of Stamford’s residents have to drive three-plus miles to get to an urgent care facility.”

Radulovacki said he is committed to the goal of seeing and treating patients in less than an hour. “The goal is to both help unburden the hospital emergency rooms and cut down on wait time by providing an alternate source of care for minor emergencies and illnesses, and to be a valuable medical care choice for Stamford residents who need to be seen without an appointment. “


  1. This is great news. It will be a welcome addition to Stamford. Having only Stamford Hospital and their monopolistic tentacles, and their price gouging ( 3x the price of Greenwich Hospital for many services) has been a disgrace to the area. Thank you Doctors Express for an alternative.

  2. Thank you, Jim. We are looking forward to providing access to high quality healthcare for the people of Stamford. There is a place for emergency room care, but our goal is to help those without life threatening ailments, at an affordable price. We will be accepting most insurance as well. Follow our progress on our website (http://www.doctorsexpressstamford.com) and our facebook page at Facebook.com/DoctorsExpressStamford. We look to open in May. Stay tuned!


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