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Indian Point’s Unit 3 reactivated


One of Indian Point Energy Center’s  nuclear reactors is back on after a malfunctioning controller caused the reactor to deactivate Monday. Entergy Corp., the owners of the Buchanan power plant, announced the reopening of the reactor, Unit 3, Thursday.

Control room operators replaced the faulty controller that detected lower-than-usual water levels inside one of the plant’s four steam generators, causing Unit 3 to automatically shut down. The company said no radioactivity was released, and there were no safety concerns from the incident.

Indian Point 3 had been operating without a shutdown for 159 days prior to Monday, and Indian Point 2 is in its 188th day of continuous operation, according to the company. Indian Point 1, which was first in operation in 1962, is no longer in use.

Indian Point supplies roughly 25 percent of the power on the New York City and Westchester electric grid.

Entergy is seeking to renew its two federal operating licenses and has been undergoing review since 2007.

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