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Elant gets $4,800 grant for medical equipment

Elant, a Hudson Valley senior health and housing provider, received $4,800 from the John T. Sloper Community Fund for each of its six locations. This grant money will cover the cost of new emergency medical equipment that will provide enhanced care for patients in critical situations.

Elant, a nonprofit organization, provides housing programs and health care at each of its facilities and offers day treatment programs and in-home care for its patients. The organization has served seniors and patients with chronic illnesses for over 25 years.

The John T. Sloper Community Fund, founded in 1958, grants awards for several organizations and public agencies across the Hudson Valley each year. The funding comes from the Sloper-Wilen Community Ambulance Service, which liquidated in 2004.

“We are dedicated to providing the most attentive, compassionate care to all of our residents,” said Melissa McCoy, Elant’s director of corporate initiatives in a press release. “Our various care programs and locations throughout this region are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, and it’s a great honor to be recognized for our efforts.”



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