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App promotes black-owned businesses

The African-American Chamber of Commerce of Westchester and Rockland Inc. seeks to bolster the bottom lines of black-owned businesses via technology.

The chamber rolls out its “Around the Way” smartphone app on Thursday, May 23, from 6-8 p.m. in the New York Power Authority Building, 123 Main St., White Plains.

The app helps consumers find nearby black-owned establishments, presents directions to those businesses and with a finger tap offers the ability to share the information on platforms like Facebook.

“Around the Way” automatically identifies the user’s position using the phone’s GPS technology and pinpoints participating businesses nearby. The phone’s mapping function highlights the route.

“Businesses will do anything to micro-target their customers,” according to the app’s Brooklyn-based developers. “This new smart phone application – created by a Brooklyn woman – turns this on its head by letting customers do the targeting. It shows them where they can find local black-owned businesses.”

Admission is free. The event will feature a networking reception and light refreshments.


  1. OMG!!! Wouldn’t this encourage a form of segregation? I bet you will never see a Caucasian only owned business app. Is this taxpayer funded??????


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