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Students go big on biz pitches


About $10,000 in prize money was awarded to aspiring entrepreneurs at a University of Connecticut business pitch competition.

Held earlier this month, more than 60 teams of UConn students from all majors, levels and campuses participated at the event.

Teams had 90 seconds to pitch their ideas and winners of 10 categories were awarded $1,000 each to begin setting up their businesses.

“The competition was a great way to get students to start refining their ideas, and preparing for questions they might hear from future investors,” said Nadav Ullman, an event organizer and judge, in a statement. “The cash incentive was a great way to get them to come out and pitch, but I think the learning experience was the most valuable part of the event.”

Competition winners are listed below:

  • Best Pitch Presentation – Spine Fuze
  • Best Product Invention Idea – MacroPod
  • Best Mobile App Idea – KualaApp
  • Most Socially Responsible Idea – The 589 Project
  • Best College Targeted Idea – Meals to Money
  • Best Website Idea – PartsTech
  • Most Fundable Idea – Acetone Breath Analyzer
  • Most Likely To Go Viral – Picture of the Day
  • Best “Green” idea – Graphine Toothpaste
  • Judges Favorite – Advanced Column Solutions
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