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Mercy accelerates business degrees

Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry is opening its doors to freshmen with drive and a sense of their futures – in business – to experience a faster, more focused college experience.

After three years, students who complete the honors-level course load will graduate with a B.S. in business administration. Mercy is setting the bar for admission at a minimum 3.2 high school grade point average. Undergraduate classes average 20 students.

Mercy also is applying the same focus and intensity to graduate business studies by adding an accelerated one-year MBA degree. Both programs are accepting applicants for fall 2013.

The MBA program will be available to nonbusiness majors who participate in a one-month immersion program to satisfy degree prerequisites. Undergraduates who have completed the intensive three-year program in good standing can then enter the one-year MBA program and graduate with an MBA in four years.

Mercy, which also maintains a Manhattan campus, has embraced what it terms a “new paradigm for business education” that relies on professionals to buttress professors’ roles, plus an emphasis on working outside the classroom.

“The new three-year and one-year programs afford our students exceptional resources and tools to succeed in the business world,” said Dean Ed Weis of Mercy’s School of Business.

There will be an MBA open house in the Vitale Life Skills Lab on the Dobbs Ferry campus 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., April 11.


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