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Cuomo proposes legislation to prevent gas shortages

After Hurricane Sandy, the tristate area was plagued with a gas shortage, causing people to wait in line for hours just to fill up. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is proposing legislation to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

Cuomo proposed requiring gas stations within a half-mile of highway exits and hurricane evacuation routes have a transfer switch installed by March 1, 2014 and to deploy and install a generator within 24 hours of losing power during a fuel supply or energy emergency.

Half of all New York state gas stations will be covered by this requirement, while small gas stations will be eligible for an exemption. Cuomo’s proposal provides grants of up to $10,000 per station to help gas stations install a transfer switch or purchase a generator. The grant money will come from federal mitigation funds.

Gas stations that fail to comply will be fined up to $2,000 a day.


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