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Luxury rentals planned for Ossining

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A 168-luxury rental apartment complex, owned and operated by AvalonBay Communities, is set to open on North Highland Ave. in Ossining next year.

Construction is set to begin on 168 luxury rental apartments in Ossining.

The apartments, owned and operated by AvalonBay Communities Inc., a residential real estate company with a regional office in Shelton, Conn., will be built at 217 N. Highland Ave., on the site of an old office building that housed chemical company BASF.

The site will also make use of the Kane House, a historic 1843 mansion on the property. AvalonBay will renovate the mansion, using it as a leasing center and community center, while also building a pool, a children’s playground and a fitness center.

AvalonBay hopes to have the first apartments completed by February 2014.

“We have a lot of experience building in Westchester,” said Todd Nicotra, a senior development manager with AvalonBay. “It’s a great market. The site itself is just terrific. It’s got great visibility with views of the Hudson River. The village of Ossining has been very supportive throughout the application process.”

One of Ossining’s requirements was that AvalonBay maintain the Kane House, keeping and utilizing the historic three-story building. The Old Croton Aqueduct state park runs through the site and AvalonBay will be creating eight acres of trails.

The development will be a mix of one- to three-bedroom units, and Nicotra anticipates rent starting at $1,700 a month. Ten percent of the housing will be set aside as affordable housing. There are no age restrictions on the housing. In addition, 14,000 square feet of office space will be set aside in an additional building.

Despite the economic recession, Nicotra said he thinks that there remains a strong pool of renters in the Northeast, particularly in Westchester.

“We think it’s a great market.”

AvalonBay recently completed a 440-unit apartment project in Elmsford and has also done apartments in White Plains, Mamaroneck and New Rochelle.

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  1. There are no affordable places to live in has inning anymore they have all been taken over by new company’s to be renovated. Now the rent for these once affordable places has gone up extensively. Now these luxury apartments are being built with only 10 percent being “affordable housing” this is a fine way to help push struggling family’s out of Ossining, and into bad neighborhoods in other towns because they can no longer afford the rent were they grew up.

    • I agree $1,700 sounds like a NYC price, not Ossining. I rent right a 1-bdrm down the street, $950. Looking to move up to a 2-bdrm, saw the construction and decided to look it up. I make a decent salary, but if $1,700 is the price for a 1-bdrm I can’t imagine I’d be willing to pay for a 2-bdrm. Sooo not interested anymore after hearing about the price. What a shame.

  2. I’m not interested anymore $1,700 for a one bedroom is steep this is ossining not Brooklyn I think they’ll have a high turnover rate. They are doing their best of pricing residents out of Ossining it’s a shame

  3. U are pricing these at a river view. I don’t know what river peopleb looking at all I c is 711 a gas station and a building the height don’t even reach over the treez to view the river.ossining rt 9 does not look like the west side highway I have not seen a raise in 7 years I’m pretty sure I ain’t the only one. I’m young n what about the elders how would they like paying 1700 one bedroom. I hope there is gold trim in the toilets and granite counter tops for that price I’d like a norm al price every where is charging 14000 for a one bedroom for what they all look crapy being a new development take that into consideration and charge ths same people can’t even pay what they have now

  4. Wow that is something, Build something for people who live out of our town and make mega money to rent, cause us people who want to rent can’t cause who in there crazy mine would pay $1700 rent for a 1 bedroom if that what the price is. This guy lives in Luxury Life I guess.. He needs to help people not take from people.

  5. i do look forward to how this will change ossining for the better- IF the apartments can be rented- it will increase demand for local shops and restaurants, something ossining has room for and if provided, would change things for the better. it has the potential for being a great catalyst for positive change in ossining.

  6. Even after reading that the 1bdrm will be $1700 I thought I would keep looking. It was after looking at the gallery of artist renderings that I thought my honda odyssey probably won’t fit in with the audi’s, camaros, and jaquars. 🙁 I want to stay inOssining because of my child and school, and at this point it doesn’t look like we can go anywhere. just like most of the middle class, make too much for affordable housing and not enough to live in a decent size place for a family of 3. It would be nice to be in a larger and nicer place…..

  7. Have been in Ossining since mid 80’s, and would have liked to stay, but it seems the middle class in being forced out. $1700.00 is too high for a one bedroom, and Avalon Bay should think about helping Ossining residents remain here. Feel free to let me know when you come to your senses……

  8. I hate to disagree with the majority here but personally I would be pretty upset if those apartments were NOT priced high…. You have a brand new development, brand new appliances, etc… Pool, clubhouse, nice grounds etc – Everything is all nice and luxury…. All you are paying for is your rent (and maybe your utilities which are not discussed here) You do not pay “Common Charges” which owners / tax payers would have to pay. You do not pay property tax & school tax – Which as you know Westchester (including Ossining) is the highest taxed area IN THE COUNTRY….. If something goes wrong, you just call the landlord and say “FIX IT” and they have to in a timely manner, not when they figure out when it can be in their budget……
    I’m just saying that if you feel that these prices are high then don’t go there……
    Don’t worry – I wont be going there either – No, I cant afford it… I am a single woman who owns her own house (a house in a “not so good” part of town that was handed down to me and I’m stuck in because I cant afford to move….)
    Although I don’t pay a mortgage I do pay for a heck of a lot of taxes and maintenance on my house – I cant just call the landlord to fix things… If I averaged things out I am definitely paying a lot more and I do NOT have any of the luxuries that those renters will be enjoying…
    Note – I just did a search for rentals in Ossining, Peekskill, Mt Kisco – Etc because they are areas similar to Ossining with access to roads and trains.. $1,700 is really not out of the norm…. In fact right in Ossining across the street from the post office those apartments are going for just as much………..
    Sorry for the long rant but really… If you want “Affordable” there are plenty of places you can get affordable… You will just have to give up the pool, the brand new appliances, the pretty grounds….
    And also……… IF these people come who can afford higher rent then maybe they will want to stay in town to go out to dinner and support the neighborhood…
    Let them move in, let them discover Ossining… – Yes, we have restaurants, scenic views, HISTORY… Let them tell their friends… Let their friends want to move here!!!!
    I am tired of Ossining (especially the Ossining that is closer to the river) being considered undesirable….
    Let’s stop fighting the people who want to improve our area… Our property values are low enough… Some of us (and our families) worked hard to buy houses here… It is a shame that we have to practically give them away because everybody is worried about what is “Affodable”… NOTHING in Westchester is affordable….

  9. I am very happy to see money being invested in Ossining, this will bring better people and business will benefit from this rentals.

  10. Please have someone call me at (914) 6070, I am interested in a Leasing or Sales Position at Avalon and my Wife and I are interested in either purchasing or leasing a unit at Avalon!!

    Thank you!

  11. I cant imagine what the traffic is going to be like on rt. 9 with 168 new units right there. The only people who are going to benefit from this are the owners of the 7-11. Im sure our schools are ready for 200 more kids. Everybody in Ossining should donate money to St. Augustine’s because if that place ever closed (like St. Ann’s) we are looking at 500 more students to pay for at a cost of 10,000 each a year. Do the math.

  12. 168 new units on rt. 9? Traffic? Only 7-11 will benefit from this. I’m sure the schools are ready for all the extra kids. All Ossining residents should make a donation to St. Augustine’s. If that school ever closed (like St. Ann’s), we would have 500 more kids in the public schools at about 10,000 dollars a year each. Do the math. Scary.

    • I couldn’t be happier. Sure the location and price of the apartments suck but that’s what this town needs. High priced living arrangements and less people! We pay some of the highest taxes in the country and live in one of the crappiest parts of Westchester. Hopefully these high priced rentals will help cut some of the dead weight in this town and drive up property values. It’s westchester for gods sake, if you’re living beyond your means and are complaining that Ossining is too expensive move to literally any other part of the United States. The problem here is that everyone says “it’s Ossining not somewhere else” in a pejorative tone. If we actually work at it and stop treating our town like a craphole it can become something nice. Higher prices = higher property value = higher quality of life. The sooner people understand that the sooner we can restore our town to its former glory. So to everyone complaining about the price of these apartments shut up and move somewhere else.

  13. Hey Question these luxury apts in Elmsford, White Plains you guys build are they all rented out at the High price you are asking for . These are beautiful apartments and I wish I could have afford them, but I think these are to high for me. SAD

  14. My only concern is what I’m reading about other Avalon properties. They can raise the rents anything they want after the first year. Two tenants from Avalon, Elmsford said their rent went up 30% after the first year.

  15. Very nice looking buildings facing Route 9 near the 7-11 Store. Massive! Just read a 1BR/1Bath will rent for at least $1,785. In a year cost would be $21,420. Rule of thumb is shouldn’t send more than 25-28% of yearly gross salary for rent. Means a person has to be earning minimum of around $86,000 year. Statistical, average yearly income of Ossining resident is around $55K/year. This development was not built for your teachers, fire fighters, police officers, government workers. Ossining’s trying to attract wealthy folks who earn more than Ossining’s median income. I hope the fumes from the traffic on Route 9 doesn’t disturb residents.


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