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President calls for minimum wage hike


During his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama called for a hike in the minimum wage to $9 an hour.

“Even with the tax relief we’ve put in place, a family with two kids that earns the minimum wage still lives below the poverty line,” Obama said in his address. “Tonight, let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.”

The call comes at a time when Connecticut legislators are considering a further increase in the  state’s minimum wage, which is currently set a $8.25 an hour. The bill would increase the wage to nearly $10 an hour and tie the wage to the cost of living, something else  Obama also proposed in his address.

Connecticut representatives at the National Federation of Independent Business oppose the hike in Connecticut, saying an increase in wages would mean a decrease in the number of jobs, further hurting Connecticut’s unemployed and low-wage earners.



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