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Conn. tourism campaign wins ad awards


Connecticut’s tourism campaign, Still Revolutionary, won three advertising awards last week for its television, digital marketing and repositioning advertisements.

The Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Association International recognizes excellence in advertising and marketing for the hospitality and tourism industry annually.

Since the start of the $15 million campaign, awareness of Connecticut as a place to visit has increased 18 percent and a perceptions of Connecticut as a dynamic, innovative state increased 21 percent, according to the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and the state Office of Tourism.

“We did some research before and from the tourism side, for most leisure travelers, there was no perception of Connecticut as a place to visit,” said Kip Bergstrom, executive director of the Commission on Culture and Tourism. “When you ask them about places to visit for a three-day weekend, they won’t say Connecticut.”

But since May 2012, target consumers have seen advertisements for Connecticut nearly 500 million times, increasing advertising awareness for Connecticut by 70 percent, according to the DECD. Most of the ads appeal to impulse travelers in the New York metro market.

Tourism is an estimated $11.5 billion industry in Connecticut, bringing in $1.15 billion in local and state tax revenue, Bergstrom said. For every dollar invested in its tourism campaign, Bergstrom said he hopes to see a return of $2 to $3.

In the fall, the DECD also launched a Still Revolutionary business advertising campaign. Its success rate is currently under review.


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