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State to offer monthly exporting events


Connecticut state officials through the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center in Middletown are launching a new series of monthly webinars and events to help small businesses break into international exporting.

Event topics will include export compliance and documentation, Middle East market orientation,  and website optimization to attract international buyers, among other subjects.

“Connecticut continues to break records exporting our products and services all over the world,” said Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill in a press release. “This dynamic state-federal partnership will help our businesses expand their overseas sales, growing profits and creating jobs at home.”

In 2011, Connecticut businesses exported $16.2 billion in goods and services, according to Merrill. Additionally, nearly 800  companies participated in similar programs last year through the Export Assistance Center.

“We want to encourage the growth of this market as much as possible,” said Merrill. ” There are many consumers all over the world waiting for the high-quality products manufactured right here every day. … Connecticut companies can compete globally armed with the knowledge, skills and connections that these webinars and trade events bring.”

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