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Conn. creates transparent budget website

Connecticut has increased its efforts to remain transparent in its finances by launching a new website that centralizes all of the state’s financial data.

The website, Open Connecticut, will allow users to access the state’s budget, income, cost of future obligations and borrowing, as well as financial forecasting.

“Through Open Connecticut we want to accomplish at least two things,” state Comptroller Kevin Lembo said in a press release. “We want to end the scavenger hunt for taxpayers by creating a centralized warehouse for financial information and we want to help explain and break down the state’s financial processes as
simply as possible.”

Lembo said taxpayers will now more easily be able to find the answers to what the state budget is, how much was spent on specific vendors and where the state’s deficits or surpluses come from.

The site is in its beginning stages and Lembo said he encourages feedback.


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