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Connecticut Innovations invests in Monroe tech company


Connecticut Innovations invested $2.16 million in Monroe tech startup Continuity Control in the company’s most recent round of fundraising, which closed late last month.

Co-founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Andy Greenawalt and banking veteran Jim Kisch, Continuity Control is a financial technology provider that assists banks and other financial institutions with their compliance functions.

Peter Longo, chief investment officer of Connecticut Innovations, said the organization has maintained strong ties with Greenawalt since the 1990s.

Connecticut Innovations, based in Rocky Hill, is a state-backed, quasi-public investment organization.

Longo said Connecticut Innovations previously provided seed funding to Greenawalt that helped him form Continuity Control. According to Longo, other angel investors participated in the recent round of fundraising, with a portion of the fundraising round closing last summer and the remainder closing in late December.


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