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Report: Fuel cell plant proposed in Bridgeport


FuelCell Energy is hoping to build the world’s largest fuel cell power plant in Bridgeport, placing the city at the forefront of the green industry.

The Connecticut Post reported Monday that Bridgeport officials are putting together an agreement where FuelCell will be able to lease its property for nearly free for 75 years in exchange for a full payment of $175,000 per acre on the property up front. The deal would bring in $250,000 in annual tax revenue.

Based in Danbury, FuelCell is a recognized leader in stationary electrical power manufacturing and has generated more than 1 billion kWh of power among its 50 global power plants.

Scientists say fuel cell technology may a be a green solution to the energy crisis, according to an interview with the CT Post, as the by-product of fuel cells is water vapor as opposed to harmful chemicals.

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