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Wall Street veteran launches Pleasantville investment firm

Former Wall Street senior executive Larry Yavner has formed LBY Partners L.L.C. in Pleasantville, an investment firm that will lend to and invest in established small-to-medium-sized businesses. The firm will also make other private investments.

LBY Partners will also partner with communities in which its investments are made. One such nonprofit partner, Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. in New Windsor, will help the firm find worthy businesses in the Hudson Valley for loan opportunities.

Yavner, the investment firm’s managing partner, in a press release said it establishes strategic partnerships and provides its limited partners with the ability to deploy capital on an “idea-by-idea” basis.

“LBY Partners will have the ability to lend to or invest in companies that typically fall under the radar screen of larger investment firms and banks, and we look forward to helping companies execute on their strategic plans and fulfill their growth potential,” he said.

In a nearly 25-year career on Wall Street, Yavner focused on as mergers and acquisitions, capital structure arbitrage and distressed investment opportunities. He has held senior positions at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bear Stearns & Co. and UBS Investment Bank.


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