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Conn. companies fined for unlawful employees

Twelve Connecticut employers have been fined for hiring unlawful employees after an investigation and audit of I-9 forms by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Four of the 12 companies fined are located in Fairfield County.

I-9 forms are required for every employee at a company and forces an employer to record and review an employee’s identity and employment eligibility documents.

The investigation is apart of a strategy launched in 2009 to reduce illegal employment and protect job opportunities for legal workers.

Last year one Connecticut technology company in Bloomfield was fined $15,000. This year, the 12 companies will split the fine of more than $132,000 in total.

Companies fined include:

  • Acranom Masonry Inc. of Middlefield: $4,500
  • Calabro Cheese Corp. of East Haven: $45,000
  • Contour Landscaping Company Inc. of Stamford: $8,104
  • Gourmet Heaven Inc. of New Haven: $5,891
  • John J. Masi Company Inc. of Bridgeport: $3,276
  • Kingswood Kitchens Company Inc. of Danbury: $12,000
  • Leed-Himmel Industries Inc. of Hamden: $2,241.25
  • Melissa & Doug L.L.C. of Wilton: $1,386
  • Prostar Inc. of Farmington: $10,472
  • Quality Sales L.L.C. of Hartford: $2,722
  • Superior Plastics Extrusion Company Inc., aka Impact Plastics, of Putnam: $34,000
  • Villa Brava Grocery L.L.C. of Hartford: $2,992
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