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Local activists champion push to end fracking


Activists in Greenburgh have joined the chorus of people urging lawmakers to end the use of hydraulic fracking.

The water-intensive method typically used to drill for natural gas can be a hazard, according to Westchester County Citizens. The activist group believes surrounding areas could be impacted by what it claims is harmful waste.  Citizens is concerned that the effect of drilling goes beyond those who allow the process on their own property, and is calling on Greenburgh residents to keep pressure on lawmakers and the governor to end fracking.

New York put a moratorium on shale gas drilling in 2008, when regulators initiated an environmental review of fracking, a controversial method because it releases gas from rock using chemically treated water.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been urged to stop fracking for good, but has yet to make a decision as the Department of Environmental Conservation continues their investigation into the dangers and benefits of the method.

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