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Business groups reflect on election results


With the re-election of President Barack Obama to a second term, business groups in Westchester are hopeful that this will improve a business climate that has been battered by the economic recession.

Bill Mooney, president of the Westchester County Association, said the WCA has a long history of working collaboratively with government officials and he is optimistic that Obama will work in the best interests of the country.

“He doesn’t have the same issues that he had in his first term,” Mooney said. “Working with Congress was complicated for him. He didn’t have control of it. The electorate spoke rather clearly with where they want to be.”

Mooney hopes the election will bring both parties together to make changes that are in the best interest of the business community.

“If we can do things collaboratively, I am hopeful that it will have a trickle-down effect on the Northeast and Westchester County,” Mooney said. “We have faced unprecedented issues these last several years. We are all struggling through this. We don’t need more polarization; we need somebody to build bridges. This is an opportunity.”

John Ravitz, executive vice president of the Business Council of Westchester, said the Business Council has had strong lines of communications with officials on a local, state and federal level.

“Our legislative agenda is a manuscript and playbook that we give to all elected officials,” Ravitz said. “For Westchester andNew York, it’s all about having a level playing field for businesses to stay and grow. There is so much to do.”

Ravitz would like to see the state legislature tackle mandate reform and pension relief.

“We need to send a message thatWestchesteris good for businesses,” Ravitz said. “Our legislators won’t be able to say that they never heard from businesses. We will see what the agenda is and what our members concerns are.”

Obama’s re-election means his health care reform legislation will remain on the books. Ravitz said employers will need to be educated about the impact it will have.

Neither the Westchester County Association nor the Business Council of Westchester endorse candidates, per policy.

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