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Aetna, WESTMED promote Medical Home program


Hartford-based Aetna and the WESTMED Medical Group in Westchester County have reached a new agreement, which will in part reward WESTMED for operating a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).

The two-year initiative champions the efforts of WESTMED to continue and enhance patient care coordination, as well as outcomes of cancer screening measures and diabetic or cardiovascular monitoring and care. Aetna is committed to paying a set fee per member per month to help support the medical home. Both medical organizations will also share information to support appropriate patient care.

The PCMH is a medical home that employs a team of physicians and clinicians within a medical practice. WESTMED Medical Director Barney Newman revealed there are 69 doctors and four clinicians on the team. They work collectively to provide ongoing care for patients in need of this specialized service. This provision is touted as being proactive because it offers continuous attention to patients instead of the standard episode-based treatment.

Terry Golash, M.D., Aetna senior medical director, said this medical method of care “can support improvements in care quality, positively impact member health, and reduce medical costs through better efficiency and data sharing.”

Aetna started supporting the medical home concept early on, and it remains a charter member of the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC).

This is the first PCMH agreement for Aetna in Westchester County, New York.

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