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Gas lines plague tri-state area


A gas shortage is plaguing Westchester and the tri-state area, as many stations have run out of gas, and those that are open face long lines, with people waiting for up to three hours just to fill their tanks.

The gas shortage in Westchester has been worsened by people filling up tanks and generators, and by residents from New York City are coming to fill up due to the gas shortage in the city. Many gas stations are also closed due to lack of power.

In Yonkers, Mayor Mike Spano capped a limit of 10 gallons per customer. A gas station in Rockland was cited for price gouging, advertising one price and then charging another when customers got to the pump.

Yesterday, Sen. Charles Schumer and Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the re-opening of New York Harbor, which should bring much needed fuel to the area soon, though shortages and long lines could persist for several days.

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