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Business Council offers assistance in wake of Sandy


The Business Council of Westchester announced yesterday that it will help businesses find disaster funding in the wake of Tropical Storm Sandy.

The Business Council said that it has received numerous inquiries from its members seeking to identify business resources. Other businesses are expected to be seeking direction to various government and other agencies that will be involved in providing disaster relief funding that is expected to be announced in the storm’s aftermath.

Businesses have also been contacting the Business Council about not for profits and relief agencies that they could donate to.

“We are in a unique position to be able to help provide the linkages and to serve as an informational bridge,” Business Council President and CEO Marsha Gordon said. “We are committing our resources to assist not only our members but all businesses in Westchester. We have been particularly impressed with the number of our members who are stepping forward to say they want to help. This is something we are happy to help with,” she said.

Businesses are encouraged to reach out to the BCW at 914-948-2110 or by emailing mgordon@westchesterny.org or jravitz@westchesterny.org.

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