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Startup Moonburger brings plant-based patties to Kingston

One of the Hudson Valley region’s newest restaurants is taking the old-school format of a drive-thru burger joint and bringing a contemporary edge to its offerings.

The Moonburger Drive-Thru Burger Stop is opening this week at 5 Powells Lane in Kingston and stands out from its competitors with a menu of plant-based burgers.

Although the new business is not purely vegan – the cheeseburgers are made with genuine cheese rather than a nondairy substitute – the burgers are made from the Impossible Foods meat alternative patties consisting of soy and potato proteins.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, Moonburger is owned and operated by Jeremy Robinson-Leon, a 2007 graduate of Vassar College, and its menu was developed in collaboration with Bon Appetit editor Amiel Stanek, cookbook author Alison Roman and Anoop Pillarisetti, a former director of digital and technology products for the Shake Shack burger chain.


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