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Widow claims husband’s partners owe estate $2.3 million

The widow of a security business proprietor has sued his former partners for $2.3 million for allegedly reneging on his death benefits.

Bart Didden. Photo courtesy of USA Central Station.

Alicia Valentine, administrator of the estate of her husband, Michael D. Backer, sued Donald Sperber of Yonkers and Bart Didden of Port Chester Oct. 4 in Westchester Supreme Court.

Sperber and Didden did not respond to an email that was submitted through their business website requesting their side of the story.

Backer, of West Harrison, died unexpectedly in 2019 at age 60.

He and Sperber were equal partners in All Tech Security, All Time Security, Domison Realty Corp., Tricounty Electronic Security Systems and United Security Associates. They were partners with Didden in U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp.

In 2005, according to the complaint, Backer and Sperber agreed that in the event of Backer’s death his beneficiary would receive his yearly salary, $288,000, until four of the businesses were sold.

28 Willett Ave. in Port Chester. Photo from Google Maps.

Also in 2005, they allegedly agreed that upon Backer’s death his estate would receive half of the appraised value of the companies’ building at 28 Willett Ave. in Port Chester, where all of the businesses are based, and a $100,000 lump sum payment on receiving an appraisal.

In 2010, Backer, Didden and Sperber agreed to pay Backer’s estate $2 million upon his death, the complaint states, to be paid out over several years.

The estate’s appraiser put the value of the building at $1,715,000. Valentine demanded the $100,000 lump sum and elected to sell the building.

Sperber submitted a counter-appraisal for $875,000 that the estate rejected.

The estate is demanding $857,500 for Backer’s interest in the building, $792,000 in salary payments and $645,000 due on the $2 million death payment.

White Plains attorney Alfred E. Donnellan represents the estate.


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