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Financial planning is an essential part of life

Financial planning is an essential part of life. For 30+ years, and as a local woman-owned LGBTQ business, it has always been my focus to help underserved and marginalized communities have the financial security we all deserve. We understand the challenges of those following a unique path and are dedicated to simplifying the financial intricacies of life.

Whether it is budgeting, buying a home, saving for college or planning for retirement income, our team guides our clients through the sometimes overwhelming processes involved. When our clients anticipate life changes or need LGBTQ+ planning services, we are all about empowering them to pursue their dreams and passions while ensuring they feel well cared for, informed, and secure during all stages of their lives.

My roots are right here in Westchester County. I live in the house I grew up in and have chosen to remain in the community that I love. My parents often felt like outsiders; my mother was a first-generation immigrant, and my father was the first in his family to go to college. I was humbled as they instilled in me the belief that if you work hard and do your absolute best, you will be provided with the opportunities needed to succeed. My commitment to provide financial planning access to those who don’t see themselves as necessarily fitting in is rooted in these values.

It wasn’t my plan to launch a business during the pandemic. I had already begun the process when I found myself in the middle of this life-altering crisis.

Should I put things on hold or not?

I decided to move forward. This was a critical decision on my part. As we found ourselves in this situation, it was even more essential to provide access and develop trust. Clients needed help sorting through large amounts of data and putting their finances into context.

It was the perfect time to launch.

During this pandemic we have all re-evaluated our priorities and my team and I re-confirmed how much we value each client. It has never been more important or more needed to make our clients feel secure and well cared for.

I see myself as a bridge builder. Uniting people, thoughts and ideas through compassion and care.

We created community. Last year our monthly client calls evolved into weekly calls which generated vibrant dialogue. I realized that many of our clients live alone and we created much needed personal connection.

As we move forward into this post-pandemic phase and recovery, we will continue with the valuable practices we put in place, having learned the profound value of community, connection and caring.

Yours truly,

Julia Peloso-Barnes
CEO, Prism Planning and Solutions Group


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